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Brain Scan Images Before & After EMDR:

Questions on EMDR?

Which Theoretical Approaches Supports EMDR?


Spiritual Questions on EMDR ?


Complex Trauma/Dissociative Issues?

Structual Dissociation Model:

Functions of Alters:

Victim Of Sociopath/Narcissist?

narc cycle

Narcissists (Typical Overt Style)

Covert/Vulnerable Narcissists

Victims of Con Artists, Love Fraud, and Sociopaths

Adult Children of Borderlines And Narcissists

Violence in Your Relationship?

abuse wheel



  1. Take an NA/AA/Overeaters/Codependents/Sex Anonymous Class. You can even get confirmation of attendance and share during the meeting.
  2. Re:Gen @ Watermark Church Monday nights, Celebrate Recovery at most churches, SMART Recovery (a more analytical view) weekly class.

We’re All Dopamine Addicts-Dopamine Fasting