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 “Breakthroughs can come from brokenness.”

Trauma is often weaved in and through the fabric of our lives. Usually when we think of trauma we think of a large scale traumatic event. However trauma is not just a single event. It could be a failed attachment to our care takers, experiencing neglect or abuse, and not being protected by the adults or spouse who were suppose to provide protection, and the inability to protect ourselves emotionally with healthy boundaries.  The most disturbing part of a trauma is not the event itself but how we perceived the event and the negative core beliefs about ourselves that were imparted to us at the point of impact. These negative beliefs alter our perception of ourselves, others, and the world around us into lies we believe.  In trauma therapy we are in pursuit of TRUTH, to know what happened, to call it by its name, then to realize we are no longer victims. As survivors we realize the power we have TODAY, which is the key to healing. Symptoms of post-traumatic stress and complex trauma often look like depression, anxiety, dissociative disorders, addiction, eating disorders, and unhealthy relationships.

Renee Austin LPC-S EMDR CIT

I am a certified EMDR Trauma therapist and EMDR Consultant in Training specializing in PTSD, dissociative disorders (testing and treatment), conversion/functional neurological disorders, women’s issues, domestic violence, traumatic break-ups, defecting and deprogramming from cults, anxiety and depression.  I have extensive experience with loved ones with addiction, victims of domestic violence, victims of social and family predators, (e.g. victims of narcissists and sociopaths), and victims of cults.  I will help you to recognize co-dependent behaviors and empower you to create emotional safety.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) has proven to be the most effective tool in eliminating symptoms caused by trauma.  I am a Certified EMDR Trauma Therapist by EMDRIA (EMDR International Association). I enjoy working with those suffering with complex trauma and dissociative disorders.


I am now an EMDR Consultant in Training and offering discounted rates on EMDR therapists in training. 

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**Please also note I DO NOT specialize in Borderline Personality Disorder and will refer you if I see signs of a disordered personality structure.

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